Prior to telling you how to deal with under eye wrinkles, I'll first talk about the origin of wrinkles. From there, I'll discuss how you can avoid them from forming, or at the very least reduce them after they've already formed. If you have under eye wrinkles, eye bags, discoloration, and the like, then read on.

Eye Wrinkles Origin

In the course of finding a solution to rapidly aging facial features that made one looks and feels tired, worn down, sickly, and many years older than one really is, we found that quite a lot about the origins of these fine lines and crow's feet. Wrinkles under eye (or any wrinkle, for that matter) is a common phenomenon that's caused by free radical formation, exposure to pollution, loss of collagen, exposure to tobacco smoke, and (if you're really unfortunate), simple genetics.

If you're blessed with strong genes and live a healthy lifestyle, you can get away with looking like ten to twenty years younger than you really are. However, not everyone is so fortunate. Imagine someone lives in Los Angeles, where traffic congestion, pollution, smog, and cigarette smoke exposure are normal; that, coupled with the inevitability of aging, made one look like her own mother by the time of high school reunion! It was mortifying.

Quest to Turn Back Time

If you tend to crinkle your eyes when you laugh, which eventually lead to the grandmother crow's feet and eye bags around eyes once old age set in (yes, the amount of times you do facial expressions can affect wrinkle formation too). Collagen loss and free radical formation intrigued one, because these are issues you don't usually discuss during casual conversation. It's something you can only talk about with your dermatologist. Now, I know what you're thinking. Aging is a fact of life and I should buck up and move on.

No matter how good you treat your body, it'll still break down and succumb to oldness eventually. I understand all that, but it's no excuse to just let yourself go. You've read that hydration and suppleness decreases as you age, so you tried using moisturizing products for your undereye wrinkles. You gained little to no success as a result, especially in light of the fact that topic creams with collagen don't work because collagen cannot permeate through the skin. Besides which, a facelift is too expensive and presents risks of disfigurement. You need a solution that you can depend on in the long term.

From Botox to the Real Under Eye Wrinkle Solution

Botox was the next solution, but you can only take so many shots at a time, and only during special occasions at that (say, you take it every four months or less prior to a wedding or a family reunion). Sure, you felt lively and vibrant as you took those shots (looking five to ten years younger than your actual age), and no, you don't mind the "dead frozen" look jokes people make in regards to how the treatment numbs the skin.

However, the effectiveness of Botox is a bit too temporary for your tastes. Its fleeting results aren't enough of a justification for its price. Continue reading ->